The appeal of these attractant puppy pads is that they eliminate odors quickly, which makes them an excellent choice for housebreaking dogs, especially when you’re not home to supervise. They also make a convenient mat for food and water and can be used indoors and outdoors.

If you’re searching for the best pee pads for your dog, consider Ruff Life’s line of dog pads with an innovative six layers of protection that absorbs wetness in 15 seconds! These pads are also earth-friendly, making them a perfect choice for busy families. Using potty pads is an excellent way to help your dog learn to eliminate accidents—read on to learn more about Ruff Life’s unique advantages.

Using Potty Pads For Dogs

You have decided to use potty pads for your dog. But how do you get him or her to use them? This article will provide tips on getting your pup to use a pee pad, wean him or her off it, and the strategic placement of your dog’s pee pads. This article also gives you tips on how to place the pads in a crate or other convenient location.

Getting your dog to use a potty pad

Using a pee pad for your dog can be a lifesaver if you’re having difficulty with potty training. Puppy accidents are an inevitable part of life, and while it’s never pleasant to scoop up a puddle, there’s no need to punish your pup or ignore it and allow negative behaviour patterns. You can work on teaching your puppy to associate the smell of urine with the outdoors by taking him outside on a regular basis immediately following an accident.

When it comes to having your pup use your pee pads for potty training, keep in mind that consistency is the key factor. The first step is establishing routines that introduce the pee pad as a regular occurrence, immediately following:

  • Playtime indoors
  • Drinking or eating
  • Waking up from a nap or overnight sleep
  • Before and after going into their crate

If your pup has an accident and you end up with wet floors from urine, this is NOT the time to reprimand or punish him or her. This will reinforce an even worse habit of sneaking around your presence to go to the bathroom inside the home—something you want to avoid. 

Instead, focus on creating positive, learned behaviour patterns. Dogs are inherently observant when it comes to your activities together—they form a connection to events through regular patterns and assume behaviours that align with the daily routines you set for them.

Weaning your dog off of a pee pad

When weaning your dog off a pee pad, you will want to use a method based on your dog’s preferences. You can do this by taking your dog outside to the spot where he or she usually relieves themselves.

Keeping a training pad in the same place

If you’re looking for a better way to contain your dog’s accidents, you will NOT require a pee pad holder—Ruff Life’s pads have anti-slip adhesive properties that make them reusable and easy to clean!

 Ruff Life’s handy potty training pee pads for dogs remain in place while keeping your floors clean. Our absorbent six layers of protection can hold up to 8 cups of liquid! The absorbent materials include bamboo charcoal, which is four times stronger than regular charcoal when it comes to absorption. With its deodorant properties preventing a urine smell, your dog’s potty training will be hassle- and stress-free.

Keeping a pee pad in a crate

Keeping a pee pad in a dog’s kennel is a great way to prevent your dog from eliminating in the crate. Many dogs will not pee in their crate, so this solution may not be needed. However, puppy pads are helpful as they contain a scent that dogs can only smell and will help attract them to the area as a designated spot for urination. 

It would be best if you used the pad regularly and after meals, every 10 to 20 minutes (during young puppyhood), and before your dog goes to bed. These routine breaks will become integral to your relationship with your dog as they age and grow accustomed to the same routines. If you’re searching for the best bee pads for your dog, we deliver across the U.S. and can be found exclusively on Amazon. Find out more today by shopping on Amazon for the best pee pads for dogs, or by visiting